Air Conditioning Service

PROBLEM - Your car looses at least 10% Air-Con gas every year! This means the Air-Con system in a car over 2 years old is much less efficient than it is designed to be.

Car Manufactures recommend servicing and recharging the Air–Con system every 2 years, but most of us ignore this advice.

The benefits of regular Air-Con servicing include:

  • Removal of odour or bad smell, caused by the build up of bacteria, fungus and other microbes.
  • Replacement of pollen filters, which is especially essential for allergy sufferers. Studies suggest cars that have not had the pollen filter changed can have an interior air supply 6 times dirtier than the exterior air of you vehicle!
  • Testing for leaks and fault diagnosis. Making small repairs when necessary can prevent expensive problems in the future.
  • Improved visibility. A well maintained Air-Con system will de-mist windows in seconds.

SOLUTION - Book your car into German Motor Works for an Air-Con service and recharge, while you wait. Only 30mins of your time at competitive prices for all the benefits listed above…..what are you waiting for?