Timing Chain Repair / N47 Engine Failure

If your 1-Series, 3-Series or 5-Series BMW was built between 2007 and 2009, then your vehicle could be at risk of engine failure. These BMW's are fitted with the N47 engine type, that have the timing chain link hidden at the rear of the engine. As such, this makes it nearly impossible to check the timing chain for wear and tear, which in turn can lead to total engine failure.

German Motor Works can check the condition of the timing chain and carry out any repairs as necessary to prevent engine damage. In the event that your engine has been damaged already from this fault, then GMW can perform a total engine rebuild for a fraction of the costs your dealership may charge. Average dealership costs for an engine rebuild could be in excess of £3000, so please give us a call to avoid exuberant repair bills.

N47 vehicle models
at risk of timing chain failure:

  • 118d
  • 120d
  • 318d
  • 320d
  • 520d
If your engine sounds excessively noisy or has a rattle, then it could be the timing chain, so please have it checked out before serious damage occurs.